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Simple Self Monitoring

Monitoring your blood pressure is simple and convenient with My BP Coach, an I.C. Sciences m|d-Health Smart Care App. Simply connect to supported fitness or in-home medical devices using an iPhone or Android device and begin tracking health statistics.

Simple Cloud Connectivity

My BP Coach comes with free cloud service. Data is backed up and stored securely in AT&T's HIPAA compliant data center. Log in to the app or dashboard from any device to access your stored information at any time.

Dashboard Access

All your personalized data in a single dashboard

Working toward a healthier lifestyle? Trying to achieve better lifestyle goals? Use your personal data in your dashboard to help make changes and set goals for a healthier you. Your dashboard reports will give you an in-depth analysis of your lifestyle trends and goals.

Access your dashboard for easy-to-read personalized analyses of your data trended over a select period to help determine your upcoming goals.

You can also connect and interact with your consenting primary or secondary caregiver if you choose. Together with your caregiver, you can monitor and manage your health or fitness.

  • Authored by the nation's leading physicians
  • Test, track, and share data
  • Generate health reports
  • Data is backed up to the cloud for easy access from anywhere
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IC Sciences IQ 360 supports connectivity with many popular fitness and tracking devices on the market.

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About I.C. Sciences

Informed Clinical Sciences Corporation is a worldwide designer and developer of mobile | digital health (m|d-Health) Smart Care (s-Care) Technology Solutions. IQ360 s-Care Technologies are used in informatics interventions to cognitively engage patients, clinicians, and family members in m|d-Health clinical networks. The corporation is a closely held, private organization pioneering in m|d-Health IQ360 s-Care Technology Solutions.